Lyle, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work that your company did in my yard. Your workers are excellent. Very polite, and I was amazed that three men could get so much work done so quickly. Top quality. And thank you for such a smooth process from start to finish. Great company to work with!

Debby White Customer Lobby Verified Hawthorn Woods, IL March 28, 2019

I would like to thank Mike for the prompt service and care to get the job done in a timely fashion. Miguel and his crew did a great job removing the trees that needed to be removed and trimmed the ones that needed trimming. When they left they cleaned up professionally, the only thing we needed to do was enjoy the view. Highly recommended.

Phil Pagani Customer Lobby Verified Grayslake, IL (Aug 10, 2018) August 10, 2018

Beinlich’s removed a huge maple tree from our back yard. Watching the process was amazing. The crew was polite and professional.

Harold Greenwood Customer Lobby Verified Evanston, IL October 8, 2016

Very professional, great team coordination, did a great job on the date and time that they committed to. Did a very good clean up of the job site after completion of work but most important they showed respect for both me and my property.

Bob Stanton Customer Lobby Verified Lake Zurich, IL May 18, 2012

Excellent. They did a marvelous job and I think they are very skilled. I was very satisfied with the job and the price. I would recommend that people get a couple of bids, but definitely talk to Beinlich’s Tree Care. They underbid all other companies we dealt with. The job was a tough one. We needed a huge 50 year old tree, set between two home, taken down. They did a good job.

Janice Doleys Customer Lobby Verified Hawthorn Woods, IL March 27, 2012

I wasn’t at all surprised with Beinlich’s Tree Care did an outstanding job back in July. They work like a tightly choreographed dance company, with remarkable efficiency and great attention to detail. They took great care of our property and the clean-up process was superb. Each of the guys has my thanks for a job well done.

Scott Bates Customer Lobby Verified Golf, IL October 10, 2011

Beinlich’s Tree Care was recommended to me by another tree service because Beinlich’s has a 25-ton crane. They had to lift the 113-year-old ash tree over the house while avoiding a pergola that was literally 1/4″ away from the tree. The four-man crew worked beautifully together. It was like watching a choreographed dance and was actually fun to see. Each of the four crew members knew exactly what their job was. They lifted someone into the tree to start cutting the top, and then worked down the tree until they got to the last 12 feet, where they had to be especially careful. I was so concerned about the safety of the house, but Beinlich’s Tree Care was happy to do the job and were great. They ended up taking 5 trees down for me. For anyone who needs a big tree down where potential damage is an issue, they are the ones to call. Scott Bates

Scott Bates Customer Lobby Verified Golf, IL April 23, 2010

Beinlich’s Tree Care was the low bid for our contract but they have done an excellent job and we will continue to use them. The contract was for routine tree pruning of parkway trees in the Village of Skokie. Beinlich’s probably pruned about 5,000 trees. They did the work in a timely fashion and worked with us on special issues, such as signing ahead for No Parking areas and working with the residents. The quality of the work that Beinlich’s Tree Care did was excellent. They worked safely and efficiently, and their prices were right in line with others

Liz Zimmerman (Village Of Skokie) Customer Lobby Verified Skokie, IL April 8, 2010

I had a fabulous experience with Beinlich’s Tree Care. I am very pleased with the job that they did removing a 150-year-old diseased Dutch Elm tree. The tree was so large — the girth was nearly 5ft. — that it required an overhead crane to remove it from my backyard. Beinlich’s Tree Care sent a 4-man team that was unbelievable. This was very technical work that involved lifting the tree up over the house, and it was obvious that they had worked together before as a team. Not only were they professional in their attitude when they talked with me but they never stopped working. Also, the clean-up was perfect. They even cleaned my neighbor’s roof and gutters without me asking them to. I highly recommend Beinlich’s Tree Care. These are professionally trained people who understand trees and know how to serve the customer. M.F. Ray

Marsha Ray Customer Lobby Verified Deerfield, IL November 3, 2009

They arrived 15 minutes before the schedule. Took extra care to protect my driveway when they drove the crane into my yard. Will definitely use Beinlich’s Again

Shah Jahan Customer Lobby Verified Hawthorn Woods, IL October 27, 2009

Have used Beinlich’s several times over the years for my home in Evanston and each time I found them to be the most reasonably priced, efficient and neat provider. Each crew has been very thoughtful about how they enter our yard and their impact on our surroundings. It’s really the crews that make the difference – so consistent even though they are different individuals each time. Highly recommend them.

Susan Chaney – Hawthorn Woods, IL (Google Verified 04/30/2019 )