Plant Health Care Division

Customized Plant Health Care Programs Designed For The Individual Property

*With the proper care and maintenance, landscape plants can provide years of benefits. Plant Health Care (PHC) is a unique and multifaceted concept in plant management.

*The goal of our Plant Health Care Division is to attain and then maintain your landscapes overall health and appearance. We work closely with the local arboretums and pride ourselves on being up to date in all aspects of the tree care industry. The Plant Health Care Division utilizes the most up to date, safe, and effective preventative and curative methods on all of our customers’ properties.

Our Goal + Results


✔ Superior grade soil injected fertilizations, biostimulants, mycorrhizae applications.
✔ Systemic insecticide applications for difficult to control insect pests.
✔ Preventative foliar applications for insect infestations and leaf disease.
✔ Micro and Macro Trunk injections for many different plant health issues.
✔ Emerald Ash Borer preventative/curative treatments.
✔ Dutch Elm Disease preventative treatments.
✔ Growth regulator treatments.
✔ Air Spade soil excavations for many different plant health issues.

There are new advancements in effective systemic treatments, limiting the need for spraying! Insects like Gypsy Moth and Plant Bug (pictured above) can be controlled more effectively. All of our spray technicians are Illinois Certified Arborists!