Beinlich's Tree Care has been a household and industry name on the North Shore and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago since 1949. 


We are a full service tree company celebrating our 71st year! Don’t hesitate to call us for any of your tree care needs!


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The Tree Care Specialists

Beinlich’s has been equally involved in many communities and is currently in good standing with several Chambers of Commerce, Angies List and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. Not only do we service our residential clients, we are also contracted to work with many of the villages along Chicago’s North Shore. Beinlich’s Tree Care is a family owned, locally operated, and fully insured complete tree care company.

We at Beinlich’s Tree Care pride ourselves on being the best, from the classroom, to the quality of our work.  We consider ourselves second to none when it comes to care taking for the urban forest of the Chicagoland area.



Customer service, satisfaction, and positive results are our main priorities. 


Services We Cover

We are a full service tree company with 10 Illinois Certified Arborists on staff. Click on any of our services below to find out more.

Tree Removal

We are fully insured, highly qualified, and very capable for the most hazardous removals!

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Plant Health Care Division

With the proper care and maintenance, landscape plants can provide years of benefits.

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Tree Pruning / Cabling & Bracing

Contact us if you want to improve the overal health and longevity of your trees.

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Tree Installation

We can recommend and plant trees suited for specific sites and offer a one year guarantee.

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Tree Survey / Tree Preservation

A tree survey consists of information about a sites trees for site plans or permit approvals. 

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Pre Construction Practices / Post Production

There are many factors that are often overlooked when dealing with trees on sites. 

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Emerald Ash Borer Prevention

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a very destructive invasive beetle from Asia.  Learn how we can help prevent it.

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Dutch Elm Disease Prevention

Dutch Elm Disease is caused by an aggressive fungus that kills Elms regardless of their health.

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Watering Trees During Dry Conditions

It should be a top priority to water your trees during hot and dry periods. To properly water trees, water should be applied slowly over a long period of time that will moisten the soil to depth of 12″. Please take into consideration that the tree roots that absorb water are further away from the trunk. It is best to water in the early morning during the summer months.

It is also highly recommended to water your newly planted trees throughout the fall and winter thawing periods!!!!

Fall Season Tree Care 

Fall is an ideal time to have Beinlich’s prune your trees and shrubs. The spread of certain disease pathogens and insect infestations becomes far less likely as the weather cools. The pruning of deadwood and the addition of artificial support if necessary will help protect your trees and provide safety from harsh winter weather and storms.

Fall is a great time for the installation of new trees and shrubs. High quality mulch will help moderate the extremes and add beneficial organic matter.

Plant Health Care Division

Soil injections and nutrient deficiency applications are a key component of proper fall tree management. Urban soils tend to lack the essential nutrients and conditions needed for promoting optimum tree health. These applications are custom fit for the individual tree/shrub needs.


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